All Generations Baseball Reunion Planned

1:00 PM TO 4:00 PM
Madison High School
2735 NE 82nd Ave

Everyone with a connection (player, coach, fan) with MHS Senator Baseball from 1957 to 2019 is invited to this baseball reunion at MHS. Meet some of the ‘greats’ of MHS Senator baseball, see the trophies of all the State Championships and PIL titles, get up close with the 1969 American Legion World Series Champions from Madison, talk to coaches, and reminisce with friends.

A program will be held in the gymnasium where coaches will talk about their teams and share their stories. Enjoy the program, brag about how good you were, take a few swings or play catch, or just enjoy the camaraderie and amazing heritage of MHS BASEBALL. An ice cream social will be held in the cafeteria at the end of the afternoon.

What a great opportunity to collectively walk down memory lane before MHS is rebuilt for the next several generations of students and baseball players.

Please see our Reunion event writeup.