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Profile of proposed Madison High Fieldhouse and hitting barn. Donate Today!
Elevation view of proposed Madison High School Field House and Hitting Barn.

The Madison High School modernization and reconstruction began in the Spring of 2019.  60% of the school will be demolished and built as new construction.  The new plan includes a new stadium and a turfed lower field that will be utilized not only by baseball and softball but fall and winter sports.  The Madison Alumni Association, a 501c3 non-profit foundation, has come together again to help support the athletic programs and is leading a project to build an athletic field house along 82nd Avenue between the existing east side of the track and Tillamook Street.  This field house and hitting barn will be shared and utilized by all sports that need a large indoor turfed area for training.   Our goal is to build a 100′ x 50′ facility that can be utilized for in- and off-season training like hitting and throwing, youth clinics and a place for coaches to teach the skills needed to succeed against today’s highly competitive and facility-rich schools.

Construction of the field house and hitting barn will begin in the fall of 2021 as the school reopens to the students and athletes and should be fully operational by Spring of 2022. 

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We are ambitious about our fundraising goals and hope to not only complete the field house but have it fully functional with lighting, heat, sliding barn doors and properly outfitted for hitting and spring drills.  Given that softball and baseball will have new home fields and will be sharing center fields on game days, it is imperative the student athletes have a safe place to hit and train.  Not to mention all the off-season and inclement weather opportunities that will be facilitated.

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We invite you to participate in this community wide fundraising project.  100% of the donated funds go towards the project and are secured by board and district approvals. 

Please visit our Connect & Donate page to see how you can contribute or sponsor this important project.  There are several ways to contribute and if you have questions please reach out to our team.  We would welcome your support and input.

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